Transforming the Building Industry

Our Research Team

Principal Investigators

Suzanne Wilkinson, University of Auckland
John Tookey,  Auckland University of Technology
Casimir MacGregor,  BRANZ
Regan Potangaroa, Victoria University of Wellington

Andrea Stocchero, Scion Research
Nariman Ghodrati, Auckland University of Technology
Johnson Adafin, University of Auckland
Alice Chang-Richards, University of Auckland
Nicola Naismith, Auckland University of Technology
Vicente Gonzalez, University of Auckland
James Rotimi, Auckland University of Technology
Ali Ghaffarian Hoseini, Auckland University of Technology

Aligned Researchers
Karen Bayne, Scion Research
Doug Gaunt, Scion Research
Amir Ghaffarian Hoseini, Auckland University of Technology
Selena Shaw, Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Suzanne Wilkinson

Suzanne has a PhD in Construction Management and a Bachelors (Hons) in Civil Engineering and is the Deputy Head of Department in the University of Auckland's Civil and Environmental Engineering Unit. She works on the management of the construction industry in disaster environments. She has extensive research experience in disaster management, disaster recovery, and disaster reconstruction and is currently working on Government (BRANZ, EQC, MBIE) funded projects on the recovery of Christchurch.

Suzanne leads the Bush Fire Recovery project - a longitudinal study of the recovery and reconstruction following the 2009 Australian bush fires. Suzanne is the Director of the Centre for Disaster Resilience, Recovery and Reconstruction, a research leader with Resilient Organisations and the co-Director of The University of Auckland's Urban Research Network.

Professor John Tookey

John has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and is the Head of Department, Built Environment at the Auckland University of Technology. His research areas include supply chain management; construction procurement systems; corporate social responsibility in the construction industry; and performance management and productivity in construction. John has an extensive track record of research and programme development. In the UK, he managed one master's programme in construction management; then developed a new programme in project management to run alongside. Since moving to New Zealand, he has introduced two new master's programmes (at both the University of Auckland and AUT) in construction management and engineering project management, as well as new undergraduate programmes. The Architectural Engineering and Construction Engineering majors in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) are unique in New Zealand. John has further new majors currently under development as the built environment engineering domain grows in AUT. In addition to his programme governance and development roles, John is the director of the Centre for Urban Built Environment in NZ (CUBE-NZ). He also regularly consults for industry and acts as a peer reviewer and referee for numerous journals and conferences.

Dr Casimir MacGregor

Casimir is a Senior Social Scientist at BRANZ. He specialises in Environmental Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies and Public Health.

Professor Regan Potangaroa

Regan is a Professor of Architectural Science in the School of Architecture at Victoria University, Wellington. His professional background is as a structural engineer which lead him into humanitarian aid work through RedR Australia and that ultimately lead to him taking up academic life and research. His research areas not surprisingly are in post disaster reconstruction and the interface between the technical/technology and those being assisted in the humanitarian arena. He has completed over 100 deployments into the field with various UN Agencies, the IFRC and national RCRC Societies, major INGO's and RedR Australia in 23 different countries that includes Haiti, Indonesia, Samoa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Vanuatu, Gaza, Syria, Sudan, China, Thailand, Tonga, Australia and New Zealand. He has been medi-vacced five times and taken hostage once and often it these many undocumented experiences that bring a spicy richness to his research.