Supporting success in regional settlements

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Regional settlements in New Zealand are variably successful. There is local and central government drive to support regional settlement regeneration, and this needs to be underpinned by strong science. Regeneration includes property-led development, cultural and built heritage revitalisation, ecological restoration, business social entrepreneurship and community ventures. 

So this programme will develop a model of the system of regional settlements and their linkages to cities and rural activity. Such a model will identify connections to improve urban environments.

It will also develop a knowledge platform based on regeneration in practice, to support Māori regeneration activities in regional settlements. Such a platform will improve urban environments.

Another feature will be an inventory of regeneration approaches, including assessment methodologies. It will also develop a community of practice involving researchers, key stakeholders and users, sharing information about how to create prosperous, liveable, healthy and sustainable (environmentally, socially and economically) regional settlements. This will increase the likely uptake of innovation.

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