Next-generation Information for Better Outcomes

There is an expanding wealth of digital information, particularly geospatial data, which could be better used to inform the development of better homes, towns and cities. This is particularly relevant to better urban planning. However, much of this data is underutilised or not being translated into good information. And very little data is easily scaled from local to regional and national, or vice versa. 

Modern technology offers opportunities to use a wider range of data. For example, crowd-sourced data can help shape and improve the function and flow of our communities. But currently we are not realising the potential of these sources.

So, this programme will:

  • increase the understanding, management and use of geospatial information, including knowledge of the existing data and its use
  • identify critical new data, to improve planning of urban environments
  • develop a framework for data collection and collation as well as a geospatial toolkit, to support improved urban planning
  • determine the role of sensor and crowd-sourced data in improving planning of urban environments

It will determine the relevance of geospatial information to Māori. It will also develop information infrastructure and geospatial urban planning tools collaboratively with users, particularly local and central government. This is to maximise the use of geospatial data, so potential users are more likely to take up the innovations.

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