Māori Research in the Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities NSC

Kāinga Tahi Kāinga Rua

The Kāinga Tahi Kāinga Rua Strategic Research Area recognises the dual and complex nature of our Maori identities and the many communities we construct our lives in. Simply all Maori by whakapapa originate from a specific place, rohe, marae, kāinga but are more likely now to live at their Kāinga Rua in a city. Many Maori may consider their Kāinga Tahi being the city now and their Kāinga Rua their marae.

The research area will deliver solutions for how we collaboratively finance, design and build developments, with buy-in from multiple stakeholders, to overcome discriminatory policy and legislative barriers to actively support Māori aspirations for long-term affordable and healthy housing that meets the needs of their communities.

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